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How To Prepare Microsoft Publisher Files for a Commercial Printer


Double-check your page size. Make sure that it is set up for the final, single page size you want. If the page size doesn't exist, go to Page Design → Size → Create New Page Size to create what you need.

Check your margins to ensure there is enough space. For instance, for booklet printing, have a quarter-inch, inside margin, at least.


If color(s) are a concern, to verify the colors that you want to use, highlight the text or object and right-click to look for Format or Font… or look for Format or Font at the top of the page.

If your document is meant for 1- or 2-color printing (spot colors), select More Colors. Then select the PANTONE® tab. Select the color or colors that you want to use.


If possible, to save time, make certain color selections prior to starting your document.

Use the Pack and Go Wizard

Go to:

Export or Save & Send.

Select Save for a Commercial Printer.

Select drop-down arrow by Commercial Press.

Select Custom.

Select Print Options.

Under Paper Size, select Custom or Publication Page – whichever one is available and maintains your initial paper size.

At this point, ensure the Width and Height matches your intended page size.

Make sure ◻ Crop marks is unchecked.

Select OK and then OK.

Then select Pack and Go Wizard. (This will create a zipped folder.)

Select a location for your zipped folder.

Uncheck ◻ Print a composite proof unless you want to print out your own copy.

Attach this zipped folder to an email to send to Copy Express or, if it's a large file (too large for your email limitation),  go online to and go to Send a File to upload the file.

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